You don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to seek therapy!

You don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to seek therapy!

posted on March 5, 2024

It might be surprising to people, but many clients in therapy are not warranted a mental health diagnosis. Trying therapy early or when life gets sticky, prevents situations turning into serious mental health issues.

People with and without a mental health illness can enjoy therapy. We always say at Innovative Direction https://www.pensacolacounseling.comthat our brain is a muscle that needs work, just like the rest of our body. If we only work on our thoughts/mind here and there, we won’t see or feel much change. Sometimes we don’t even know how to change and that is where a great therapist comes in.

We like to compare it to the gym at Innovative Direction. If you only go to therapy or take care of your mind once in a while. you won’t see much results. It is the same with going to the gym or working out.  If we only go to the gym or workout once a month our bodies will do very little changing as well.

Having a therapist is like having a trainer, it keeps you motivated and helps with accountability. Its also quite nice to have your own person to help you through your goals!

Common Reasons People Seek Therapy outside of feeling like they have a mental illness is…

  • Learning how to balance family life

  • Learning how to balance work life

  • To improve relationships

  • To improve boundaries

  • To manage a physical illness

  • Work Stress as an employee or as a manager

  • To have a neutral person to speak with

  • Pet Grief

  • Grief of sorts

  • Self-esteem or Self-Confidence Help

  • Navigating big choices

  • And so much more!

So think about it? Have you been struggling with something and need help processing or problem solving? Why not give therapy a try, you never know how much it can help

If you like more information or make an appointment at Innovative Direction,  call or email us today!


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