The Psychology on why people vote and why people don’t vote.

The Psychology on why people vote and why people don’t vote.

posted on November 5, 2018

Voting. It is that time of year again. Time to vote or not to vote! Voting brings so many emotions and an array of feelings to numerous American people. We love our country and most of us are quite thankful to live here. We have opinions on how our country should be lead and how people, earth, and animals should be treated. I have not met one person who does not have an opinion on these issues. However, I do know people who do not want to vote and people who are the first ones to their local polling precincts. So why do some eligible citizens vote and others do not?

Lets take a look at a handful of reasons.

Why People Do Vote

Party Affiliation: Party affiliation is one of the highest determining factors when it comes to people voting. If one is affiliated with a party they are more likely to vote even if they disagree with some of their party’s motives or policies.

Civic Duty: Many people vote because they believe it is their civic duty to vote. This group has strong feelings that everyone should vote because others died for these rights and it is the “American” thing to do.

Political Issue: Political issues undoubtedly get people to the polls (mostly the older generations). It is more likely for someone who is extremely emotional about a political issue or feels a political issue is personal, to vote then not to vote.

Why People Don’t Vote

Registration is a Problem: In the US we have to register ourselves and some people just find that process confusing and/or time consuming. Or they might have registered for early voting but did not have a stamp (whoa).

Two Parties Only: In reality, we only have 2 parties to choose from that have a chance of winning and that can be discouraging.

Political Burn Out: Citizens are sick of the same old show; Bombarded by TV ads and flyers falling out of the mailbox. Let’s not forget it has been the same political issues over and over again, pushed in our American faces, with not much change in decades.

Disconnect: The younger generations are not so interested in voting. Why would they be? The political issues are ridiculous to them. Gun control has caught their attention because they don’t feel safe in school but asking them to keep immigrants out and telling woman what to do with their bodies, forget it.

Of course there are other personal, educational, and environmental factors that falls into why eligible citizens do not vote. This is just handful of reasons for you and psychology to chew on. Remember, always choose kindness! Great people make great things happen!

Alyssa Warren is a licensed therapist , blogger, and owner of Innovative Direction in Pensacola, FL. If you would like to contact Alyssa, please send her an email.


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