Why Therapy Should be on your New Year’s Resolution List

Why Therapy Should be on your New Year’s Resolution List

posted on December 24, 2017

Therapy for New Year’s Resolution

When making a New Year’s resolution, people usually stick to quitting smoking, losing weight, and eating healthier. However, if you need something that might make a bigger difference for your overall well-being, consider some New Year’s resolutions for mental health. How about making therapy a New Year’s resolution?


New Year’s Resolution

Therapy is a great New Year’s resolution for many reasons. The decision to start working on your mental health might make it easier for you to keep the other resolutions you made. Psychotherapy has tools to help you stay mentally fit and cope with your mental health issues efficiently.

  1. Therapy for Boosting Self-Esteem/Self-Worth

Self-esteem greatly affects our overall well-being. Degree to which we feel confident, accept and respect ourselves shows the general state of our mental health. Low self-esteem is usually one of main symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Therapy sessions can help you recover your self-worth and gain a stronger sense of self. You may work with a therapist on correcting the negative messages of self-doubt and self-criticism. Furthermore, therapy may help you become more assertive and self-assured. Also, therapy is a great New Year’s resolution because it focuses on helping you set more realistic and achievable goals, so you won’t be disappointed in yourself.

Goal-directed therapies such as cognitive-behavioral or solution-focused therapy are usually used for people struggling with self-confidence issues.

  1. Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries towards other people and experiences can be difficult. It is not easy to say ‘No’ to others. However, it is very important to establish a healthy personal boundaries in order to lessen stress and minimize anxiety and depression. Therapy can help you stay emotionally fit by teaching you how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, at home and at work.

  1. Keeping Up Healthy Relationships

If you have a hard time maintaining strong social relationships, therapy sessions may be a good New Year’s resolution for you. If you don’t know how to deal with toxic relationships or you lack communication skills, you may seek support of a therapist. In addition, mental health therapy can prove to be a wise resolution in case you are dealing with a holiday breakup or crisis in your relationship.

Therapy sessions can help you improve your grief coping mechanisms or master your communication skills and nurture healthy relationships.

  1. Coping with Life Stressors

Everything in our everyday life is a potential stressor. From traffic jam to tight deadlines at work, most people constantly feel at unease. Stress management therapy can help you set positive mechanisms for managing stress in your everyday life.

Furthermore, when stress is caused with some life events such as loss of a close person, divorce, loss of a job or illness, a therapy may help address the specific concerns and events and their effect on a person’s well-being.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has proved to be an effective in treating stress by changing negative thought patterns that develop as a result of stress.

  1. Decreasing Worries

Excessive worry is a sure road to anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed with constant worry, a therapy should be number one on your New Year’s resolution list.

One of the best therapy options for reducing excessive worry is CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy uses evaluating the worry as one of the tools to help client lessen uneasiness. By deciding whether their worry is productive or unproductive, CBT helps people gain better idea if their worry is helpful or only serves to increase their anxiety.

So, whether you were naughty or nice this year, do something really good for yourself. Make your mental health a New Year’s resolution number one. Because taking care of your mental well-being will put all other things in your life into place.

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