Take a Mental Health Day or Week

Take a Mental Health Day or Week

posted on February 10, 2018

Take a Mental Health Day or Week

Mental Health Matters. I just got back in the states yesterday after taking a relaxing vacation I wanted to write this blog today while my thoughts on how important taking time for yourself is. This world we live in today is quick and full of constant information. We are now conditioned to answer every email, phone call, text, or look at our phone over 100 times a day. It is getting pretty sad actually. Then we wonder why we can’t slow down and we are so dang stressed out. If your brain is conditioned to keep going all day long, its only a matter of time before you began to feel the magnitude of negative effects.

Mental Health

You deserve it.

What are the Negative effects?

Feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, tired, angry, lethargic, and/or confused. You might also experience memory problems, gastronomic issues, autoimmune diseases, and/or sleeping issues. This is just a minute sample of the negative effects from your brain running on overdrive, however, this list could easily be in the 100s.

So how do we slow down?

Let’s look at some easy and quick ways to slow it down.

• Cut down cell phone use, put your phone in another room
• Cut down on all screen time, disconnect to reconnect
• Take a 30 minute walk everyday
• Meditate
• Workout/yogs/pilates/karate/dancing/kayaking/swimming ect.
• Pay attention to your pets (they know how keep it slow)
• Take a nap
• Learn the practice of living in the moment, every moment
• Surround yourself with happy and supportive people

Your mental is so important. It should be a priority over money, your children, your job, your spouse and so on. You may think that sounds crazy when you first read this, but it’s true. If you are not the healthiest you, you have a very low chance of being the “best you” for anyone else in your life. Money comes and goes, there are other jobs, and we are all responsible for our own welfare. Life is short and we are not promised tomorrow so take care of you every minute of everyday. It matters; you matter.


Alyssa Warren is a licensed psychotherapist, blogger, health enthusiast, and owner of Innovative Direction Counseling Services in Pensacola, FL. Call to schedule an appointment with Innovative Direction today. 850-583-1342

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