Help With Stress

Stress! We all deal with it. Positive life experiences can be just as stress-inducing as negative life experiences. Have you ever felt irritable, anxious, fatigued, had headaches, difficulty sleeping, acne, body pain, food and eating issues, stomach aches and/or overwhelmed when moving, having a child, getting married, beginning or ending school? Then you have been stressed when experiencing a positive event. Professional help with stress through counseling and therapy will help you move past this.

Stress isn’t going anywhere, it’s apart of life. However, stress may be easier to manage in small amounts, especially when other factors help mitigate it. For example, a marriage is generally considered a happy event but causes stress due to all of the planning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to teach you coping skills to reduce the stress in your life? At Innovative Direction you can learn different coping skills to incorporate in your day to day life. You may use some coping skills now, but are they healthy or unhealthy? Do you notice that you may eat or drink more when under stress? Do you notice you may shop more or cause yourself self-harm? You can change those unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress by learning healthy ones. Stress can contribute to numerous physical and mental health issues. Life is demanding, the therapist at Innovative Direction can you help you reduce and manage your stress.

Get Help With Stress in Pensacola, FL

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