Sleep issues and Insomnia

sleep issues

Falling asleep at night may seem like a simple thing, but when you are having trouble getting the rest you need the reasons behind the cause can be difficult to decipher. Sometimes it can even be difficult to determine if there is any issue there to begin with, and what seems normal might be part of a problematic and unhealthy cycle that you didn’t even realize existed.

Sleep issues and insomnia both can be reduced using through therapy, which is the best course to getting your sleep cycle back on track.  If you experience any of the following issues then you may be suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues and could likely stand professional assistance:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • falling asleep at inappropriate times
  • troubled sleep due to a physical illness
  • physical discomfort
  • depression, anxiety, and/or stress
  • counterproductive sleeping habits
  • daytime napping, or excessive time spent awake in bed

Sleep problems will negatively impact your physical, mental and emotional functioning. Persistent sleep disturbance may lead to the development of mental health conditions or put one at risk for substance abuse.

Therapy can help you improve your sleep issues by teaching you different methods such as; keeping a sleep diary, sleep restriction therapy, sties control instructions, sleep hygiene education, relapse prevention, phototherapy (timed light exposure) and dark therapy (restricting light in the evening). Insomnia can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. Therapy for Insomnia can help change your sleep habits, sleep schedule and resolve misconception that may lead to difficulty sleeping.

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