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Do you have a low opinion about yourself? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others? Do you feel helpless when faced with a challenge or use self-pity to avoid challenges? Are you tired of feeling like you are less than? If you answered yes to any of these it is likely you may be in need of self esteem help. Therapy can help you learn how to increase your self-esteem by learning how to end the cycle of self-criticism, self-doubt, social isolation and self destructive behaviors. Low self-esteem can develops sometimes during childhood, such as being bullied and/or child abuse. As adults we can develop low self-esteem due to a breakup, loss of employment, and self esteem help can help you rise to the topother life changes that can cause self-doubt.

Low self-esteem can have an effect on one’s self-worth, resilience and confidence. This can cause a person to develop negative self-talk and negative beliefs, and make taking advantage of life’s many opportunities much more difficult. Low self esteem is problematic in many ways, and can end up making you feel hopeless like there is nothing you can do. However, with proper assistance via therapy and counseling, you can greatly improve your self esteem and become the you that you are meant to be.

Improving your self esteem can have a great many benefits on both mental and physical health, improve your productivity, and help you get a handle on life. By improving your self esteem you can get your life back under control and begin taking that step towards living your dreams.

Regardless of the factors contributing to your low self-esteem, support is available. Let the therapist at Innovative Direction help you to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

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