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Do you know what causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? People know that military combat can cause PTSD but there are other events in one’s life that could cause you to experience PTSD. Sexual abuse, assault, domestic violence, transportation accidents. PTSD can be different based on racial and ethnic minorities, such as; Holocaust survivors. Discrimination and racism can cause distress and negative life outcomes. PTSD is also different with gender. Woman are more than twice as likely as men to develop PTSD. The difference may be partly due to woman experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence. PTSD therapy is often the answer to addressing the challenges that this often debilitating condition can present.

PTSD can cause re-experiencing symptoms called flashbacks. Flashbacks are when a person feels or acts as if the trauma is recurring. Other symptom of PTSD can be nightmares, Insomnia, reckless or self-destructive behaviors, difficulty concentrating, feeing on edge, inability to remember an important detail of the event, lack of passion for previously enjoyed activities and/or feeling detached from other people. These issues are complicated and may cause a person not to seek therapy. You may be isolating yourself from loved ones, and/or avoid treatment resources.

Unfortunately, PTSD is an issue that often goes ignored, is poorly misunderstood by many, improperly represented in media, and is met with an attitude that makes it even more difficult for someone suffering from this issue to seek and receive the help that they need to move on. PTSD is not easily addressed or answered, and the mentality that many have towards it is more harmful than helpful. There is no shame in seeking help, and attempting to overcome PTSD on your own without professional assistance is not recommended.

To get the help that you need please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for more information on what you can do.

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