Pregnancy, Prenatal, or Postpartum Therapy

You’re pregnant, you’re “supposed” to feel excited, happy, overjoyed, right? Maybe you’re feeling scared, stressed, tired. Pregnancy can be challenging for both parents. In many cases pregnant woman experience the greater amount of strain. A single mother may experience even higher levels of emotional distress due to single mothers lacking possibly lacking help and support. Even an “easy” pregnancy may be accompanied by some mental health or physical concerns. Pregnancy can also put strain on your relationship. Financial issues, body image, mood swings, fear and frustration. Postpartum therapy may be the answer to dealing with these issues.

postpartum stress is suffered by manyStress experienced during pregnancy, especially posttraumatic stress (PTSD) has been linked to premature birth, low birth weight, and risky behavior (such as drinking or smoking) during pregnancy. Many women experience “baby blues,” or a period of low mood and tearfulness, for a week or two following childbirth. These feelings generally resolve with the support of one’s partner or family. When they do not resolve or include hopelessness, negative thoughts about oneself or one’s baby, or a loss of appetite, a more serious condition may be indicated.

Pregnancy, Prenatal, or Postpartum Therapy can help expectant mothers, women who are facing postpartum concerns, and the partners of these women to address the various issues that pregnancy and childbirth are likely to cause. Women who experienced mental health issues before pregnancy may fear that the added challenge of motherhood will exacerbate their conditions or cause further concerns to develop, but the support of a therapist throughout your pregnancy may help you feel more at ease. Women who experience postpartum depression, prenatal or psychosis may find that therapeutic treatment has a beneficial effect.

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