Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum Anxiety

posted on January 2, 2024

What is Postpartum Anxiety?

According to Cleveland Clinic, “Postpartum anxiety is excessive worrying that occurs after childbirth or adoption. People with postpartum anxiety may feel consumed with worry and constantly nervous or panicked.”

Signs of Postpartum Anxiety.

  • Constantly checking if your baby is breathing (some is normal)
  • Fear that your baby may get sick, hurt or even die
  • Fear that you or a someone close to you like your partner will get sick, hurt or even die
  • Sleep issues because of stress
  • Panic like feelings
  • Feeling sick to your stomach
  • Inability to stop intrusive thoughts or racing thoughts
  • Obsessing over irrational fears/scary thoughts
  • Avoiding people, places, and situations
  • Mood swings

What causes Postprtum Anxiety?

There are quite a few factors that can cause postpartum anxiety and some we may not even be aware of.

  • Taking on the new responsibility of a newborn
  • Lack of sleep
  • Added stress
  • Hormone changes
  • If you have had anxiety before

When does Postpartum Anxiety show up?

Postpartum Anxiety can show up right after birth. A lot of experts say up to several months after birth, but I personally disagree. I experienced it after I stopped breastfeeding which was well over several months but under a year. I have also had clients tell me they have experienced it from stopping breastfeeding after year one or even two. I would assume from the hormone changes our bodies go through when mild production slows down and ends. Either way, there are things you can do to help the symptoms when they show up.

What can you do if you are experiencing Postpartum Anxiety?

  • Seek therapy of course (in person with baby can be an option or online)
  • Get a self-help book
  • Check into the AI diet, helps with inflammation of the body (speak with your medical professional first)
  • Check into the Anxiousless supplement on Amazon (speak with your medical professional first)
  • Find a support group in-person or online
  • Exercise if you are able to
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Speak to your OBGYN
  • Do not suffer silently, speak to your support system

No matter what you are experiencing remember it will not last forever and you will get through this!

Alyssa Warren is a licensed therapist, mother and blogger.  If you like more information or make an appointment with Alyssa or another clinician at Innovative Direction,  call or email today!

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