Marriage Counseling

How do you determine the health of your marriage? There isn’t a lab test you can take and even the latest quiz in any magazine will not help you determine if you are in a healthy marriage or not. Sometimes people are blown away when they have found out their spouse wants a divorce. Do you think to yourself, “I’m happy, so the marriage must be good”, “We’re weathering the good times and the bad.” The general thinking may be if my spouse is here helping me through grief, tragedy, and other problems, we must have a good marriage. Marriage Counseling can help you have clarity with whats going on in your marriage.

Marriage counseling helps you heal and move forwardMarriage Counseling can help you process your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Our couples therapist at Innovative Direction will provide you with the tools needed to assess your relationship and yourself. Marriage is challenging, you don’t have to have all of the answers, and you don’t have to go at it alone. Therapy can be a wonderful experience when you allow yourself the opportunity to open up and let go.

Though it can be tempting to try and handle these sometimes difficult issues on your own, doing so can sometimes make it worse if it has become a serious problem. Due to this, an outside opinion is one of the best things you can get, and it is even better when this comes via the assistance of a licensed professional, who can help identify any problems you might have in your marriage and how you can both come to a consensus and move forward, so your relationship can begin healing.

There is no shame in needing marriage counseling, as it is a process that many couples go through, and one that can help keep your family happy and together.

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