Living your best life in a Pandemic.

Living your best life in a Pandemic.

posted on February 9, 2021


Live. Love. Life.

Are you living your best life? Just because there is a Pandemic does not mean you cannot live your best life! The reality is we are not promised tomorrow and there will always be a hill or mountain to climb. Yes, it can be scary right now but we can’t just live in our homes forever and let our lives turn into the movie Ground Hogs Day!

Here are 10 tips on how to life your best life through the pandemic.

  1. Get outside! Please get outside, fresh air is important everyday, for 30 minutes!
  2. Go for a hike! Look up and find a trail in your area! This website even tells you if it is a heavy or low traffic trail!
  3. Walk around your neighborhood or local park!
  4. Download! Holy moly this workout has it all and it is free the first month and around $12.00 a month after that! You do not even need a Peloton. It has strength training, yoga, pilates, running in your neighborhood, prenatal workouts and so much more!
  5. Learn a new language. It is free, almost any language you want to learn, they have it!
  6. Keep connections with loved ones! It does not matter how; phone, text, video, hand written letters, and safely in person; practicing CDC guidelines of course!
  7. Really pay attention to your pets, without a phone in your hand or any kind of screen on!
  8. Really pay attention to the people in your household, without a phone in your hand or any kind of screen on!
  9. Go viral! Your interesting and you know it!
  10. Read books! Any books that interest you! A book can always take us to another land or teach us about history so we don’t make the same societal mistakes again! 🙂

Please know you are worth taking care of yourself! You have the ability to find happiness in each day! Sending you best wishes.

Bio headshot for Alyssa Warren MS, LMHC | Counselor in Pensacola, FL 32504Alyssa Warren is a licensed therapist , blogger, future podcaster, and owner of Innovative Direction in Pensacola, FL. If you like more information or make an appointment with Alyssa or another clinician at Innovative Direction  call or email today!




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