How’s your New Year’s Resolutions going?

How’s your New Year’s Resolutions going?

posted on January 25, 2018

Are you keeping up with your Resolutions?



So, you came up with your New Year’s resolutions. Again. And this time, you are determined to improve yourself in the honor of the New Year. To start fresh. Whether you made your New Year’s goal finding a decent job, quitting smoking, losing weight or having better relationships, be careful to make your resolutions realistic. That’s a first step for keeping them alive throughout the year.

It can be discouraging if you feel that you are not able to keep your resolutions in the beginning of the year. In addition to post-holiday stress, not being able to hold onto your New Year’s resolutions may increase your anxiety and weaken your self-esteem.

Plan Small and Stay Practical

Make New Year’s resolutions that you believe you can keep. Change one behavior at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Be practical when planning changes. If, for example, your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or eat healthier, try replacing carbs with something else you like, like fruits or smoothies; instead of refraining from taking sweets at all.

Or, if you make a resolution to get in shape, start with scheduling gym for three times a week. Focus on small, non-intimidating changes to your fitness habits. Otherwise you’ll burn out quickly and get frustrated for not being able to achieve your New Year’s goals.

Keep Realistic

Don’t expect to see the effects too soon. Give yourself time and stay realistic in your expectations. For example, if you made therapy sessions your New Year’s resolution, don’t get disappointed if you don’t see results shortly. Although in some cases short-term, therapy is a process in which people achieve their goals with a therapist’s assistance.

Turn Your Resolution into a Habit

Try to incorporate a healthy behavior into your everyday life. This increases a chance of keeping your resolutions throughout a year. Make a morning jogging or a walk your everyday routine and stick to it. Or make a choice of buying healthy snacks instead of chocolate bars when you do your grocery shopping.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Do not be harsh on yourself if you don’t keep strictly to your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t give up because you skipped a gym workout or ate a piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party. Remember that minor slip-ups when changing your behaviors or daily routines are completely normal and OK.

Don’t Give In to Outside Pressures

Keep to your resolutions because of your inner need, and not for the sake of social pressure. You shouldn’t start working out excessively just because your partner told you that you could lose a couple of pounds. The impulse for a change needs to come from within yourself, or else you will not feel ready for the change. And then you will become anxious for not being able to keep your resolutions.

Seek Support

If you feel that cannot achieve your New Year’s goals on your own, reach out for a professional help. A therapist can offer strategies for making your goals achievable, help you change unhealthy behaviors and assist you in addressing your emotional issues.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Make a calendar and keep a track of your progress daily, weekly or monthly. This will boost your confidence and motivate you to pursue your goals.

Incorporating your New Year’s resolutions is a good way to do something good for yourself. As long as you keep them realistic and attainable, resolutions can be an effective way to make positive changes in your life.


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