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Do you need codependency help? What does it mean to be “codependent”? You’re sacrificing your own person needs in order to try and meet the needs of others and is associated with passivity and feeling of shame, low self-worth and/or insecurity. How do you know if you are codependent? One of the primary symptoms associated with codependency is people pleasing behaviors and the need for validation and approval that come from caring for and rescuing others. You may also have poor Helping deal with codependency issues can make it so you can overcome any obstacleboundaries, fear of being a lone or without an intimate partner, and deny his or her desire and emotions.

Other symptoms of codependency are; perfectionism, fear of failure, sensitivity to criticism, denial of personal problems, failure to meet personal goals, discomfort with receiving attention or help from others, feelings of guilt or responsibility for the suffering of others, feeling undeserving of happiness. Codependency can be difficult to change a lone as codependent behaviors are often learned early on and reinforced over many years. Therapy can help you learn how to improve self-care, setting healthy boundaries, helping others in productive ways and learning about family patterns.

Codependency can prevent you from being who you want to be, it can get in the way of your future and prevent you from moving forward when you need to most. To get your life back in your own hands, you might need a little assistance and there is no shame in that. Professional therapists know what it takes to overcome these kinds of obstacles that may seem insurmountable, but with the right help you will be able to do so. Codependency therapy will help you once more become the person you aspire to be.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you suffer from codependency issues, let one of out therapist help you break the cycle of dependency.

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