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Psychiatric Medication Management, Therapy or both: One Step Closer to A New You

Therapy and/ or medication management can change your life.

Connect with one of our empathetic mental health counselors or one of our psychiatric practitioners, whom will provide you excellent therapy or psychiatric medication management care.  Our goal is to help you uncover your true potential. You deserve to have a life worth celebrating. In therapy, by applying dynamic psychological techniques that work, your counselor will decreasing long-standing behaviors and thinking patterns, enabling you to become the person you desire to be. 

In addition, if you choose the medication management route we have trained our psychiatric clinicians to take time with our patients to find out what will truly work for them. 

We use  psychiatric psychiatric medication management for anxiety, depression, panic disorder, Bipolar Disorders, PTSD, eating disorders, ADHD/ADD, postpartum issues, autism and much more.

We do not have long waits and do not overbook our clinicians so that our patients can get in as quick as possible, unlike what we see so much today in the offices of a busy psychiatrist or other managed care. Call us today or book your first appointment in the top right corner.

We know our clients and patients deserve better!

If you are looking for therapy with support and guidance...

Innovative Direction provides therapy and counseling for children 6 and up, adolescents, and adults. 

Innovative Direction welcomes new clients from the Pensacola area and the state of Florida. We provide both in-office and online therapy for people who are on the move or unable to get to our Pensacola office location.

We also offer several evening therapy appointments for children or for those who are unable to seek therapy during day-time hours. 

Innovative Direction strives to make sure you are aligned with the right therapist. You may even request the therapist you think will best fit you. Do not wait another day and make the step today!

If you are looking for therapy or psychiatric medication management..

Innovative Direction provides psychiatric medication management and therapy in Pensacola that works by using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)  and other behavior evidence-based techniques.

We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, play therapy for children, marriage therapy, psychiatric medication management, and family therapy. Please see our service page for more specific issues that we can help you with today. 

Innovative Direction also provides assessments (mental health and substance abuse), Emotional Support Animal Assessment and Psychological Evaluations.

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